2019 Recordings

Tunes for the Learning

Anne Duffus with Megan Lynch Chowning Waltz for Liz.mp3

Carol Salmon, Kristen Treger, Adam Chowning Cluck Old Hen.mp3

Colleen Patterson, Emily Hammond with Rachel Eddy and Adam Hurt Farewell to Trion.mp3

Jayson Welden, Gina Welden, Stephanie Garrabrant-Sierra with Rachel Eddy Smith's Reel.mp3

Leo Hickman with Tyler Andal and Adam Chowning Bitter Creek.mp3

Melissa Mitchell with Adam Chowning and Tyler Andal.mp3

Patricia Cox, Casey Koulman with Rachel Eddy Durang's Hornpipe.mp3

Perry and Diana Brake with Adam Hurt Over the Waterfall.mp3