Adam Hurt

Megan Lynch

Rachel Eddy

Tyler Andal

Registration Open to Public on September 1, 2018
Open to Previous Campers on August 25, 2018

Join us in the winter of 2019 for an intimate weekend of old-time music learning. Up in the hills above Nashville, TN, 5 to 10 pairs of old-time fiddle and banjo players will come together (you can come as an already-existing pair or come solo and we'll connect you with someone awesome) to spend the weekend learning how to play timeless music and truly musically connect with other players. There will also be an opportunity for the fiddlers to learn some banjo and for the banjo players to learn a little fiddle.

Megan Lynch Chowning and Adam Hurt are widely known as two of the best teachers of their instruments and they're planning a curriculum that will really bring out the best of the instruments as a pair. With help from Tyler Andal and Adam Chowning, you'll never be left behind and will leave camp feeling like you have a whole new understanding of old-time music and the beauty of playing fiddle banjo tunes together with someone you've never met, but somehow now feel like you've known your whole life. It will give you a new confidence to get out and jam and take your music to another, more enjoyable level. You don't have to have ever played with other people before, but it's best if you know a few tunes on your main instrument and can play them in time.

The Scoop…

* January 18-20, 2019 

* $800 for on-site lodging or $650 for day campers (meal plans for day campers also available)

* Instructors include Adam Hurt, Megan Lynch Chowning, Rachel Eddy, and Tyler Andal

* Check out the FAQs page on this site for more info about lodging, travel, etc.

* There will be an excellent field trip into Nashville most likely involving an opportunity to try instruments of limitless caliber and exploring one of the hottest (and yet coolest) towns in the United States.

* At Nashville Fiddle Banjo Camp, we love us some D'Addario Strings.